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Beginner I

In this 3 hour a week class intended for absolute beginners you will be provided with the essential tools to quickly converse in French and familiarize yourself with numbers, gender, basic present and future tense conjugation, pronouns, etc.

 You will acquire vocabulary related to themes such as health, weather, time, etc.…

6:00 to 9:00 PM

Cost: $299.00 (3 hours a week) Duration:12 weeks


Beginner II

This course is for learners with a very basic knowledge of French, but true beginners are welcome! A healthy mix of basic grammar and conversation, so you can start using your French quickly and have fun with it! We will give you the foundation you need to continue on your French language journey.

Cost: $199.00 (2 hours a week) Duration:12 weeks

 Intermediate 1

You are ready to start exploring verb tenses, so you can talk about the past, the present and the future with ease. If you want to refresh or improve your language skills, this is the level for you. As always, our classes offer the perfect mix of grammar and vocabulary with conversation and listening. Sure, you need to learn the mechanics of the language, but you should enjoy it as well.

Cost: $199.00 (2 hours a week) Duration:12 weeks

Conversational Advanced

More than a conversation circle; every week, the instructor brings a new theme or format to steer and direct conversation, which helps participants build a vast and varied vocabulary, exposes them to conversational contexts and provides the framework for free conversation. Can be customized to help individual students with specific professional or personal conversational situations (customer service, job interviews, oral exam preparation, etc…).

Cost: $199.00 (2 hours a week) Duration:12 weeks